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Retrospect is dedicated to quality and exceptional service. We offer a unique, highly customize-able experience in capturing the vibe of your event. We are a women-ran company based in Portland, Oregon. 

Meet The Creatives



My mission is to bring to life the image in your mind's eye. Through candid conversation and an open ear, you and I can create an experience for you & your guests that enchants, excites, and inspires. 



An executor by nature, I see things through until the end. My focus is to embody your narrative, and give you an experience you can hold on to for a lifetime.  I'm excited to learn about your vision and make it a reality. 



I poke holes in plans until I believe they're foolproof. Simply put, coordinating efforts to reach a goal is my jam. What can I say? I'll take care of the behind the scenes, you enjoy your party!